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Products made to fish some lines... on or off your skateboard.




A dream is slowly becoming true... 

15 years ago I received my first sample shoe but somehow didn’t have the balls to fulfill my idea. 
Now, years later with the beginning of the pandemic, I received a call from my former boss and main sponsor that they’d quit my contract from one day to another.
I decided to put my last money together and try to make my own shoes. 

First, over a connection in Kosovo with outsoles from Italy… didn’t work out. 

Then from Portugal, after from France, Germany and even from Tunisia. But nobody was able or willing to do small amounts for a fair price with correct quality. 

So after a year of testing different options, I hit up my old friend from Shanghai, now living in Hong Kong, telling him about my idea, my designs and my problems.

After a while he sent me pics from a sample shoe that looked just like I wanted it. Of course, there were some adjustments to make as factory had never done anything in relation skateboarding but it looked very promising. 

Today, another year later my friend and I try our best to fulfill our dream.
We had to wait for ages - cause of the war, lockdowns etc.- but finally our first collection has made it to Berlin. 

I wanted to create shoes that look classy but that are also very nicely skatable.
Very grippy and of high quality materials, with quadruple
stitches on the side for more durability. A vulcanised rubber sole in crepe look with extra stitching on the outsole that looks like a cup sole construction except that the sole doesn’t come off the shoe once the stitching is ripped. Thanks to a underpressure sucked on sole… resisting tons and tons of kickflips!

I hope you like it as much as we do and enjoy to go out fishing some lines on your skateboard or on whatever you want. 
have fun!